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Question about Bifrost Ocean Blending Workflow

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Question about Bifrost Ocean Blending Workflow

I've been trying to learn guided simulations in Bifrost and I can't seem to get past ocean blending with a deformed ocean mesh.


I want to combine a fluid sim with a BOSS output mesh in compositing but I'm not sure how to use the Ocean Blending option correctly.

Leaving it at default looks like it is blending with a flat plane that cuts off part of the simulation (see DefualtOceanBlending.png). The Mesh Plane used is the Boss output mesh.


What would be the recommended workflow for doing this? The closest I can think of would be to lower the Ocean Blending Offset until the whole surface is visible and then masking out unwanted artifacts by hand (see LoweredOceanBlendMask.png)
Is that the way to do it or am I missing something?


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