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Prevent to type in 0 in detail size MPM Sim

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Prevent to type in 0 in detail size MPM Sim

it happened to me 2 times, that my fingers are faster than my brain, and I typed in 0 in Detail scale with MPM sims. So it triggers immediatley the calculation. Can't abort it anymore. 


Would be super cool to have at least a warning, like when subdividing to a very high level in Maya. 

Or don't allow to type in 0 at all?


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Thanks for this feedback, we could definitely prohibit a value of 0 for solver resolution in MPM (and aero), but a value of say 0.0001 could still be pretty devastating. Since simulation resolution is relative to scene scale, even if we block the value of zero, it would still be a value very close to zero.


They key to saving yourself from this issue is to use escape termination. You mention you can't abort anymore? I was able to easily escape out of a MPM solver resolution of 0 so if that's not working for you we should focus on figuring out what's going on there.



Konstantinos Stamatelos

Bifrost FX Product Owner and Designer

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I thought so too, that escape termination should be working. But it keeps on filling my Ram and CPU usage is 100%, what's also unusual for MPM sims on my setup. 


I can send you my scene over, and you can take a look youself. But I can only share privately...

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 Hi @doppelgaenger_digital,


I see now what's going on. The escape termination will abort the simulation but in the background it's still trying to complete at least 1 frame.  I have logged something in the system so that we treat the "zero case" differently so as to prevent this.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.



Konstantinos Stamatelos

Bifrost FX Product Owner and Designer

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