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prepare_mpm_collider - can't find any documentation on google or autodesk help website

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prepare_mpm_collider - can't find any documentation on google or autodesk help website

There are many mpm nodes with no "info" for guidance, nor documentation online. Or is there any other place to get guidance for these nodes? 

I am having trouble with colliders, as it just crashes the scene when turned on. So I am looking for alternative nodes, since the number of min/max steps in the solver is already very high.


Thank you

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in reply to: brandaosa

Can you share what version of BF and Maya as well? 

If you could share a repro would also help, since it is pretty weird that it just crashes when you turn on a collider. Its probably something with the geo. 


You could also try "collide_field_influence" node.

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in reply to: sepu6

Thanks for your reply. I will provide a scene, but probably the reason why it was crashing was because of particle/collider interpenatration. Even setting my time step size to lower 0.5 or so. I had to duplicate the objects used as colliders, put in a solver, and delay it a little bit, so less chances of interpenetrations would occur.

But I am still curious about the mpm nodes. I am trying to use age_mpm_particles to get rid of some particles that could be removed, but I will have to go into the node and try to understand or guess how it works, instead of just reading some tips or documentation...

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