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Popup Info Panel issues

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Popup Info Panel issues



The Info Panel that pops up at the bottom of the graph is not helpful to me. In fact, it's extremely distracting. It's constantly fading in and out, making it more difficult to concentrate on the actual graph.


Please add a feature to change this behavior. Turn it off completely, or make it persistent, or change the duration of the display... SOMETHING to prevent this thing from constantly fading in and out. It's super annoying and the opposite of helpful.


For now, I have no choice but to extend the window beyond the available screen area to hide this UI element.



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I should also add that the pop Info Panel fades out before I have a chance to read it. Sometimes there's a lot of text in there, and it's only onscreen for about three seconds. That information should at least stay on the screen while the mouse cursor hovers over the node!!!


As it is now, this feature does not help me understand the graph, but actively blocks my comprehension. I need to focus my attention on two things at once: my cursor position and the Info Panel.


It's just bad UI design. This is not the first time I've brought this up, I just wish someone would exercise some common sense and at least keep that Info Panel onscreen long enough for a non-expert, non-robot to actually read it.


Tooltips under the cursor would be much better, but that's probably more difficult to implement.

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