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Poorly documentation and bad tutorials

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Poorly documentation and bad tutorials

This is just my personal opinion


I use maya for about 8 years.


Some tutorials are fine and well explained, others are so advanced I guess they aimed for the developers themselves


Bifrost Visual Programming Masterclass - Part 1 of 2

get_mesh_Structure compound, what is the purpose of the face.vertex & face.offset ? bad explanation, zero documentation good luck figuring out with watchpoints  😂. oh yeah i forgot dump object ? lol make an editor that lists properties when you select something



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in reply to: araps

Don't be fooled by the version number, it is actually v0.2.1, which is far from the finished product.
At this stage, it is only a toy for TD.

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in reply to: araps

There is no doubt that Bifrost is a complex system. Most of the people who are successful with it today already had experience with Softimage ICE or similar systems. For people who are attempting to learn all of this from scratch, there is not a lot of help. We don't have the resources to document everything and produce all of the tutorials we would like. Part of the problem is that Bifrost is still under active development. For example, if we know that the design of Watchpoints is going to change, the content writers will put less time on it now knowing it will need to be re-written soon. Currently the focus has been on making sure that each node has an associated "Info Tab" description and on more advanced workflows that describe low-level nodes that are less likely to change.


More artist-friendly workflows are planned, and with them, more accessible learning content. In the meantime, I am very grateful for the many members of this community who are sharing their knowledge and helping to fill this temporary gap.

Ian Hooper
UX Architect
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in reply to: araps



>get_mesh_Structure compound, what is the purpose of the face.vertex & face.offset ? 


To answer this question specifically: There is some documentation on the structure of the various geometry types located here: <bifrost install dir>\plug-ins\bifrost\resources\bif\jsonLibs\doc\getting_started\


Hope that helps

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in reply to: stephen.yee

face_offset`: Data geo property that stores the array of offsets into the face_vertex array for each face


Still don't understand what that property does

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in reply to: araps

The face_vertex array hold vertex indices for all of the faces in your mesh. 

So let's say your mesh had exactly one triangle, your face_vertex array would have 3 elements, one for each corner of the triangle. If your mesh had 2 triangles the face_vertex array would have 6 elements, 3 for each triangle.  If your mesh had 1 triangle and 1 quad, the face_vertex array would have 7 elements, 3 for the triangle, and 4 for the quad.


So the face_offset array tells you where inside the face_vertex array to look for the vertex indices for a specific face.

i.e. if face_offset[1] = 3, this means that the vertex indices for face 1 start at face_vertex[3]. 


Does that make sense?


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in reply to: stephen.yee

yes thank you, next time i ll ask rather complain my bad, i understand that its something new but for us to understand we need to learn the logic behind ( why i need to connect a specific input to an output ) anyway thanks again

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in reply to: araps

Just in case you havnt seen it. Paul is learning Bifrost. 

I had a lot of "aha" moments during watching his lessons.


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in reply to: Christoph_Schaedl

Those Paul videos are cool, I hope he will continue.

He wasn't really sure about some things himself though, it seems. Like iteration targets.


I agree with the comment about lack of documentation, and I have seen a lot of nodes with an

empty info tab.


It would also really help to be able to really "see" the data. The dump object just seems unnecessarily complicated.

Really looking forward to the new data browser. Hope it is coming soon 🙂

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in reply to: stephen.yee

Ok so then whats the difference between point.count and face.vertex ? both store the number of points/verts ?

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in reply to: araps

I guess it's not very efficient to ask what a parameter does over here every time, I advise building your documentation or info tab before launching a tutorial...

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in reply to: araps

Would be helpful if it is well explained not all of us are super-advanced TD's,


Also in regards to combustion, which been there for 1 year... there is a lack of tutorials,  a masterclass that only physicists would understand and no tutorials of useful examples of how this 1) can be used in production and 2) quality vs Houdini equivalent.



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in reply to: ihooper

Nice, i was already subscribed to most of those channels, but i ll watch them in detail and then give my feedback again 😛

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in reply to: araps

Honestly, this is a problem across the board for Maya documentation. If I were completely unfamiliar with 3D software, and were debating the choices, and happened to be digging through Maya's documentation to get an idea of it's capabilities, I would immediately have doubt about the quality of the actual software. Between the frequency of typos, poorly phrased sentences, inconsistent or some times simply poor formatting... even sections of the documentation that refer to sections of the software by the wrong name... The software itself is great, and I know that developing software is much more difficult than formatting and word processing, but still, as a company, your documentation is a means of presenting that company. Similar to a website or any graphic design, the more professional it looks, the more confidence the consumer has in your brand. If Autodesk consists of a team made up of a mere 15 people, then I could absolutely be able to understand. But... I would guess that that is not the case.

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