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Points control Radius(Bifrost Legacy)

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Points control Radius(Bifrost Legacy)

Hello. I want to use render liquid as point. I will like oto modulate by density. In the Points control on liquidShape there is a radius control that is set to 0.010. When i check modulate radius with Channel(Density) the radius is incredible big. So i need to change the radius in floating 0.0000001 to see the points in a radius convincing me but anyway is unusable. SO there is some parameter control that i've missed?


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I don't think there's any built-in solution for what you are trying to do. The Render As Points setting was only ever intended for foam. The supported methods for rendering the main body of the liquid are either using the liquid shape directly (i.e. the implicit surface of the volume, if your renderer supports it) or using a mesh (explicit surface).




Grahame Fuller
Learning Content Developer
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Thanks Graham. Ok.

Otherwise I will try to import bifrost liquid particles into bifrost graph trying to remesh with no luck. I never understand the problem on read_bif_file node where the input doesn't have effects in any order.

here the thread

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