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Please tell me how to study Bifrost Graph

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Please tell me how to study Bifrost Graph

I'm sorry, I'm not good at English, so I'm sorry if it makes me uncomfortable. I am studying while translating English. I would like to know and learn that various things can be done, such as simulating and converting titles into particles to change characters. But Houdini doesn't know what to do, so I don't know what to do. Although it has become possible to form it to some extent by referring to the tutorials of various people, it cannot be applied such as changing from character to character or burning out. I would like to be able to make such an application. I would appreciate it if you could help me.

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in reply to: kyororin8732

Don`t worry ,I'm not good at English too.But I will study every node in the project until I understand it

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in reply to: 47238336

Thank you for your reply. Understanding nodes, I also wanted to do my best. I would be grateful if you could answer if you have any good study methods such as details about nodes and how to combine them.

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Just watch all of them.

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thank you! Many people have taught me about Bifrost, but it's very educational. I would like to resume from here. It was very helpful to teach me.

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