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Per-Parameter Reset and Node Reset / Parameter Panel lock/pin

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Per-Parameter Reset and Node Reset / Parameter Panel lock/pin

Dear Bifrost Team!


I was playing around with the MPM Solver today. I get good results for now, although I whish there would be some more detailed documentation or tutorials about (as for everything in Bifrost).


I created some Input Nodes to overcome the compiling issue for faster iterating. At some point I wondered, if I could just reset some values, to make a fresh start. I know that I could just swap the node with a fresh one. But having to relink all input and output Nodes can be very tedious. 


I whish there would be something like a per-parameter reset and a node reset button! This is something I am missing in Maya anyway.



And it would be nice to have the option to open another Parameter Editor when one is already locked/pinned. This would be useful when comparing parameters, or just keep track of multiple Nodes settings.


I am really looking forward to use Bifrost for more than just experimenting. I hope it soon will be more accessible and intuitive in future updates. Keep up the good work!


Kind Regards,




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Thanks for the suggestion. We've been thinking about something like this as well. I appreciate you going into detail about your workflow. It helps us better understand the pain points.

Ian Hooper
UX Architect
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Thanks for your answer. It is good to know, that you are aware of peoples needs! 

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