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Particles not working with rendering sequence

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Particles not working with rendering sequence

Hello everyone 😊

I'm working in a project that it's about an asteroid colliding to the ground. I have alembic destructions and even VDB files. I've simulated sand with particles in the new bifrost graph and It works pretty nice in the viewport.
If I try to render it in the arnold render view it works fine but If I I try to render a sequence it's like it doesn't want to simulate the particles.
Maybe it's because I have to make the cache but for a reason I can't..
It gives me this error:
Cached Playback: The presence of unsupported Bifrost node 'bifrostGraph1' has triggered Safe Mode, and caching is    disabled.
You can continue work, but caching has stopped.
Remove animation from 'bifrostGraph1', or delete the node entirely, to resume caching.

The graph is very simple :


I don't know if it's possible to render a sequence without cache but if It's not then what I should do to fix it?
Thanks 😢💪

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Okay, I downloaded the update .2 of Maya 2019 and It works.
Problem solved.

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