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Particle Transform Alembic

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Particle Transform Alembic

I have a simple particle system of floating spheres. I would like to optimize the export of this to alembic by using transforms rather than per frame meshes.


Does anyone know how to do this?

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You want to write only the transform each frame? That's not currently possible.

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Found a solution 🙂

Using the data_mesher from this thread; you can output a mesh of the particle positions. Then using MASH to instance an object to each vertex and bake it works for me.


This does not account for any rotation, but its good enough for my situation.

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The data_mesher compound has an unfortunately side effect of scrabbling the vertex ids when a particle is killed.

Is it possible to offset the vertex ids in a mesh?

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I ended up using the file cache node to export to *.bob files which have a very low disk foot print.

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