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Particle self attract/force field?

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Particle self attract/force field?

I'm trying to simulate particles gravitating towards each other, similar to what you can do with nParticles and their force field attributes. I tried simply getting the particle position and plugging that array into a radial influence. It works but is impractically slow, so I'm trying to find a more efficient solution. If anything a way to cut out the file caches,using those were the only way I could think to get the output particle position in the radial influence without an error.


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I don't think the radial influence is meant to be used like this. The way you are using it create 1 radial influence per point, which might cause an overhead.

You should try to use the attract_repulse_influence.

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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Unfortunately attract_repulse_influence wasn't accurate enough for what I was trying to do, although I did eventually find a solution. For anyone who's curious I'll attach the scene file. Inside simulate_particles>solve_particles, I added some nodes to calculate the force of gravity from each particle and then set the particles velocity from that. If there's a more user friendly way to do this, like making a node I can plug into influences or something rather than having to modify the simulate_particles node, I'd love to know about it.

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We need to wait get_points_in_radius node from dev team.

I think its hard to impalement desired effect without it

Anton Kalchenko
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I hope we dont have to wait too long for some raycast nodes.


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