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pan or sticky connections - noob question on the UI

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pan or sticky connections - noob question on the UI

I can't figure out how to pan the bifrost window when trying to connect items on far sides of the graph - I have to zoom out, move over one of the nodes, zoom in, connect them, move it back.

Watching some youtube tutorials, perhaps it's the connecter that is sticky? I've seen tutorials where you can drag a connector out and then tab a node to drop it onto. This doesn't work for me, the connector disappears when I lift my mouse button. 

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The trick is to click and release the left-mouse button to grab a wire from a port. This will cause the wire to follow you mouse without you needing to hold down any mouse buttons. This leaves you free to middle-mouse pan the screen.

When you find the target port, you can just left-click on the port to attach the wire and finish the connection.

Ian Hooper
UX Architect
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in reply to: ihooper

Aha! OMG thanks that was driving me nuts.

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