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Not getting random values...Bifrost

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Not getting random values...Bifrost

I'm trying to get random vectors.  My "value1" is a <<Math::float3>>.  My random_value_array size is 1.  I have the exact same thing only with a float value and it works.  Why does my watchpoint have no data?  And why if I add this to another vector cause there to be no values?  Shouldn't it at least have my normal vector as the resulting value?


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in reply to: mcw0

Is working correctly here. The first thing I would do is update your BF version. You are using a pretty old version.




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in reply to: sepu6

Tell me about it.  The studio I'm at is stuck in Maya2019 and won't update anything until they update Maya.  😞 

I found a workaround by using noise functions.

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in reply to: mcw0

@mcw0, It looks like you might not be pulling on the output of random_value_array. Can you double check that the output is connected to an output node through some chain of nodes?


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in reply to: morten.bojsen-hansen

I'm definitely pulling data from that node.  I know it's old version of Bifrost so it's probably been fixed.  It's unfortunately the version I have to work with.  But I have a workaround.  Thanks

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