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noise fan

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noise fan

100 percent boot and makes a loud noise fan how to make it load 50 percent during processing

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Are you asking how to limit Maya/Bifrost to only use a certain percentage of your CPU?

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yes tell me kakda tell me how
the fan is noisy, as if a plane is taking off

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good supplement
bifrost extension
the fan is noisy, as if the plane is taking off
impossible to work

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If the system gets too loud when used at 100%, that's mainly a problem of how the system is build + the used components. This should not happen under normal conditions, like a proper ambient temperature.

I recommend to check your components, maybe you need a better fan, overall cooling-solution, or the cooler is not properly placed on the CPU.

(There are for sure more options how to compensate this, like limiting the overall CPU speed,...)


However i would also welcome settings to limit threads, not only for rendering, but also for other calculations (mainly to keep the system responsive for other tasks).

I don't think this is currently possible.

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