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No constrain_cloth compound

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No constrain_cloth compound

I'm looking to do some tests with cloth in bifrost. I have the beginnings of a test together but I want to setup some constrains on the solver. I see in the documentation  there is a constrain_cloth compound but I don't seem do have that available. I'm using bifrost


Here is the docs for that compound.




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Could be one of the upcomming compounds with the next update.

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Always a good idea to your eyes open for new updates.




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Is there a good way to get a list of the available compounds in a bifrost version?


If this compound is not in the current version, someone should updated the documentation to remove this misleading info.


There is a whole page on this compound here.


Also, if this compound is not in the current version, do you know when it will be released?


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The only place at the moment (for a list of compounds) would be where you are looking, e.g.:


It does not yet cover all the compounds in Bifrost, but we are working on it, it's always growing... 


Sometimes certain compound docs are accidentally released just ahead of schedule, and this seems to be one of those cases 🙂



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