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My bifrost run to (0,0,0)

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My bifrost run to (0,0,0)

Hello, can anybody help me? I want to create water spill using bifrost. But when I select the object in a cup to turn into particles the bifrost ran to (0,0,0). Can someone help me with how to make the bifrost pivot inside the cup? I use maya 2015 and still a student, learning to use it. Please help me. I will insert a link to a google drive where my maya file can be found for a better look. Please somebody help me...


thank you


bifrost run to (0,0,0).PNG

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You need a lower value for Master Voxel Size, like "0.1" or even lower.

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I already did it. The master voxel is under Resolution which is under bifrostLiquidContainer1 category right? like the one I circled. but the bifrost is still staying at (0,0,0). It was supposed to be in the cup(the one I circled). What should I do?test bifrost (0,0,0).PNG

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Can you share a scene with the cup animation alone?

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1. Don't use such a low value if you don't have one Terabyte RAM and a lot of free time to wait for any calculation to finish. Try a value between 0.100 and 0.010 first.

2. You need to go to the start frame of the simulation which is frame 1, at frame 0 nothing will happen.





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You mean, you want only the cup in the scene? sure but it will only looks like a normal fall. The hand of the character will accidentally brushed against it, causing it to fall and then grip it immediately to bring it up back. but when he grab I parent the cup and the hand, so there's no cup animation there. The cup will start falling at frame 187.


I have uploaded it in drive, tell me if you can access it. I wonder if the reason why I can't fix the bifrost was because the settings involved when creating the character. Because I got the character from my lecturer and make the animation directly from there. Meanwhile if I try to create pouring water simulation in a new scene, there's no problem at all. Hopefully you can tell me what's wrong with it. Thank you very much.. 

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Thank you, I've tried putting values from 0.1 to 0.01 but nothing change. I wonder if it has anything to do with the settings when modelling the character. Because I got this the character from my lecturer for practicing purpose. And when I tried doing bifrost in a new scene, there's no problem with it. I can simulate the water movement just fine. Do you mind take a look at it? I've included the scene in this drive folder. 


Thank you.

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The character has no impact on this.


Here a screenshot showing how it looks with:

- Master Voxel Size "0.100"

- Viewport menu: Renderer set to "Viewport 2.0"

- Viewport menu: Shading set to "Wireframe"

- liquidShape2 Point Size set to "4", for better visibility

- Frame "1"



It works, however I tested this with Maya 2016. I can no longer test Maya 2015, but I expect this to work in Maya 2015 too.

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Ok. Open your first scene cup animation topple. I found that your animation in timeline start from frame 66. So you can adjust this value on the bifrost. It's mean for you?

Anyway you can set in the timeline the frame 1 from start and as default you can see the fluid. Anyway is the start frame problem for me. Maya 2022.1



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in reply to: mspeer

Thank you for your help. It works! Now I can try do bifrost again for my next assignment. thank you very much ^^

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