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My arrays don't maintain their size

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My arrays don't maintain their size


I've tried for_each, iterate and do_while.  And they all result in arrays that are smaller in size than the size I set.  In the above image, my max_iterations is set to 100.  I expect to get a resulting array with 100 indices.  But that's not the case.  The resulting array size is determined by the size of my input "falloff_indices".  Can someone explain to me why that is?  And better yet, tell me how I get an output that matches my max_iterations?

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Hey there, from looking at your graph I'm guessing its not getting to the max iterations because the falloff_indices port is set to iterate. Meaning it will iterate through the size of that array and no more or if the max iterations is less than the size of that array it will stop at the max. Try setting the port to not iterate and using a get_from_array plugging in the current index into the index. Not sure what it will result once it gets to the end of the array though.

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Thank you for that suggestion.  My resulting array is the correct size.  But it's not in sync.  The values aren't in the correct indices.  I have a new post asking about this.  Thanks again.

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