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multiple source mpm fluids and individual influences for each source

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multiple source mpm fluids and individual influences for each source

I got a feeling that this is not possible


I want to have two or three MPM sources but I want different influences on each source - is there any way to do this cheers thomas 

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in reply to: thomaslisle1309

You can but you will have to open the influence that you want to affect and call the correct property. At least that is one way that you can do it.


So basically the way it works, on the mpm solver make sure to enable "label sources" and that will give you a property called "point_source_id" which basically gives an ID to each source. 


Then inside the influence (right click, make editable) you have to call the property with a property proxy field which can grab any property during sim time, in this case, I grabbed the "point_source_id" one and used a switch field for example to tell the influence what source should use. The switch field is basically an if statement for fields.

You can also just connect the property proxy field directly on the multiply node as well. If you do not want anything to happen on the false case. 


With that said, this also is not a perfect solution because it can become a nightmare if you want to mask more than 3 or 4 influences, so hopefully in the future, all influences can be manipulated this way outside the compounds but in a smarter way, like for example some kind of state machine, or tag system for sources and influences, etc. 


So here is a quick example.  I left notes on the graph






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Many thanks for this—it's a super easy solution. If I have 4 items that I want to have 4 different influences, how would I do that? I was looking at Bifrost Gel Cupcake 1.3, which lets you filter out the other source IDs, but inside an influence are fields, and I couldn't work out how to apply it! Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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