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multiple MPM cloth multiple alembic caches Bug?

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multiple MPM cloth multiple alembic caches Bug?

I am simulating multiple pieces of MPM cloth with different starting frames. After simulation i split up the array to cache individual pieces, which works fine with "file_cache" and writing alembic sequence.


But when using write_alembic_cache and "write to single file" enabled, I end up with an alembic showing geo shuffeling through the array on every frame and there is only Data in the first alembic object. 

When I just hook up one write_alembic after the other, everything is fine again. So I guess that's a bug...



More than that, there should be a node like split_by_material also for MPM cloth, to automatically strip the whole thing into its pieces again after simulation.

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Hi @doppelgaenger_digital, I maintain the Alembic importer/exporter in Bifrost. I am not 100% sure I understand your problem. Are you able to provide a scene file showing your problem so I can see for myself? 

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