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MPM snow performance scaling

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MPM snow performance scaling

Testing MPM snow sim for a project I noticed even on the un-workstation level Ryzen 2600X cpu (our focus is realtime) it's never saturated, hovering at about 85% usage even changing substantially the number of particles on a test scene. No caching activated so disk it's not a bottleneck, RAM also plenty available. 

Expecting ages to complete a very detailed sim was wondering if and what CPU upgrade path might have sense.

Not sure if more cores will really speed up or not the simulation. 

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Increasing further the number of particles per voxel the CPU get up to 100%, since so far is needing 15 min per frame simulation time (no rendering) on a standard setup, I'm looking for a virtual workstation to speed up things.

So I have clarified the point, looking also at other posts, CPU cores/threads number count a lot!

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