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mpm particles,snow,sand , follow mesh

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mpm particles,snow,sand , follow mesh

i have a mocap walk body , create sand or snow or particles inside , only use first frame creation particles and i want this follow the animation , like if mesh is attractor of the particles , kind of input mesh attract of ncloth 

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in reply to: marcury

Hi marcury,

You can think of an animated object as a collision, and then the particle will follow the object.

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

yes but i do not want to deal with collision , i would prefer something softer attracting the particles to animation , i wonder if typical mocaps dancing man made of sand , and sand following the dance while some sand falling down , its just making the mesh colliding? 

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in reply to: marcury

You can compute velocity on the animated mesh, convert to volume and propagate the voxel velocities to a voxel_field. This can be used as influence using influence_set_property node. Gradualy bool away at your animated mesh and use that as an input for mask_influence. This will release the particles.



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in reply to: marcury

sounds very cool way to do it thx , i will try later , long time didnt log in here 

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