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MPM Emit End Frame + Cut Geo problem/bug

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MPM Emit End Frame + Cut Geo problem/bug

Hi guys,

Just playing around with MPM sand and I came across a weird bug I think. If you emit MPM sand from an object you have deleted polygons from, the "end frame" number in the source doesn't work, I get an error reading "Warning: Cannot draw an object with no points". It works if the emit geo has all its original faces and happily emits to the specified frame number. However, it only works for 1 frame if you don't change the "end frame" from 1 in source if you have deleted any faces. I wanted continuous emission from a hemisphere and came across this. Scene attached. Perhaps I did something wrong?

(having some trouble attaching the maya.mb file, is there a limitation on file type here??)

EDIT: Errr, now I can't get it to emit even from a fresh sphere if you change the "end frame" value, I'm sure I could get it to emit earlier from a fresh sphere after I changed the end frame.... weird




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in reply to: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for reporting this issue us.

The problem seems to be caused by Distribution mode of source_mpm_sand node. If I change the distribution mode from surface to volume, it will work. I am not sure whether this is be design or not. Will confirm with our product team. Thanks again.


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in reply to: Anonymous

FYI, I have logged one bug inn our system for this issue. Thanks

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in reply to: WindXu

thanks for the update

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