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MPM Cloth modulate influences with painted vertex colors or custom array

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MPM Cloth modulate influences with painted vertex colors or custom array

I am trying to use the modulate influence node to mask out certain influences on different parts of my cloth in an MPM simulation. In the description of modulate_influences it says simulation properties can be used to modulate the influences, so is it possible to get the values from a custom colorSet I painted? Or some other array? I can get it working when I set it to modulate based off point_velocity for example, but that is a simulation property I don't have control over. Can I make a custom property drive it?

I tried using influence_set_property but it seems a property set this way won't work for modulate_influence. I was able to get mask_influence to work at masking out wind/turbulence, but this compound calculates the mask based of a distance to some geometry. This is not ideal, I want to paint it on very specific areas of cloth. I tried having a look at property_proxy_field inside modulate influence and I can read my custom property there, but it does not seem to be affecting anything inside simulate_mpm. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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