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Motion Filed, Collider, Emitter connections

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Motion Filed, Collider, Emitter connections

Hello guys,


I am trying to learn Bifrost sims and have made some progress.

Now i am stuck with multiple emitter and Motion Field in outliner. and i am not sure which motion field is connected to which bifrost element. I initially connected one to liquid and another to aero. But i see another emitter in outliner now. I can't guess where it came from.




Is there any way to see which motion field or emitter is connected to which element.


Note: I am not using bifrost graphs. working with simple bifrost elements from Bifrost Fluids dropdown menu.


Thanks in advance.

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One more query,


I initially connected Aero to bifrost foam mesh. But i had to delete the foam cache because it was taking too much space on disk. Now after changes i want to redo the bifrost cache (for aero) but i am not sure if the Aero is still connected to foam mesh element.


I mean like hypershade where we can see which texture is connected to which shader and in which slot, is there anything in bifrost to check these connections between elements.





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Hello guys.. any idea of how this works.


Thanks 😊

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Hello all,


Thanks for no help!


found the solution in node editor.

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