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More information on nodes inputs/outputs

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More information on nodes inputs/outputs

Watchpoints are ok, but I would like to see a detailed list of the nodes inputs/outputs , to better understand what's going on.










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in reply to: araps

Yes, I agree this is a problem. Watchpoints are hard to work with, get in the way and are too big but also too limited in their content. We have plans to improve them.

Ian Hooper
UX Architect
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in reply to: ihooper

Hey Ian, I noticed that Watchpoints are drawn behind the node graph. The only way to force the Watchpoint on top of the nodes is to select one of the nodes to which the Watchpoint is connected. This is super cumbersome and makes it very difficult to actually monitor the Watchpoint output.


One solution would be a global item in the Options menu: "Watchpoints always on top". This would apply to all Watchpoints in all graphs.


Another solution would be a local item in the Watchpoint context menu: "Always on top". This would apply only to the specific Watchpoint.



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in reply to: aaronfross

That is a neat idea. Right now I'm focussed more on making them less intrusive and easier to move away, but an "Always on top" option could be very appealing. I'll certainly keep that in mind, but probably not until our management of preferences is better organized. Also, especially for now, I'd like to resist the temptation of extensive options.

Ian Hooper
UX Architect
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in reply to: ihooper

To add to this.

I'm working on a Delaunay tessellation graph and constantly converting arrays to strings or whenever possible using the dump node to write to a text file, to be able to debug my algorithm. It would be really useful to have some sort of geometry spreadsheet like Houdini has, or maybe even more generic.

It could live in in its own panel and shown any data flowing through the currently selected connection or out of the currently selected node. I'm not sure if this is possible, as I have the feeling the graph gets re-compiled the moment I add a watchpoint.

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in reply to: joostkonemann

Agree, something like the geometry spreadsheet like Houdini is great, you can see all the attribute values and so on. Something like that it would be super useful. 

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