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MJCG compounds 2.1 released

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MJCG compounds 2.1 released

Hi Everyone,

MJCG compounds 2.1 has been released. This is a minor feature and bug fix update.

Release note: 

### `2.1.0 - June 23, 2022`

#### New compounds
    ● compute_graph_coloring: A graph colorer with 3 algorithms: Greedy, Jones-Plassmann, Welsh-Powell.
    ● closest_point_to_line_ratio: Returns the ratios on a line defining its closest locations from a point.
    ● closest_line_to_line_ratios: Returns the ratios on two lines defining their closest locations from each other.
    ● distance_between_point_and_line: Returns the shortest distance between a point and a line.
    ● distance_between_lines: Returns the shortest distance between two lines.
    ● find_quadratic_roots: Finds the roots of a quadratic equation.
    ● find_cubic_roots: Finds the roots of a cubic equation.

#### New graphs
    ● graph_coloring_points
    ● graph_coloring_faces
    ● shortest_path_between_segments
    ● closest_position_on_segment

#### Enhancements
    ● "generate_L_system" is ~50% faster.
    ● "generate_ivy" is faster.
    ● "generate_venation" is faster. 
    ● "create_point_mendelbulb" is faster and use less memory.
    ● "update_face_neighbors" now returns both direct and indirect face neighbors. 
    ● "angle_between_vectors" now accepts all vector data types.
    ● "distance_between_vectors" now accepts all vector data types.
    ● "multiply_vector_by_matrix" now accepts all vector data types.
    ● "resize_vector" now accepts all vector data types. 

#### Bug fixes
    ● "soften_harden_mesh_normals" Could not transfer face vertex normal when converting mesh to Maya mesh.
    ● "resize_strands" returned incorrect results when preserve_positions was disabled.
    ● "update_mesh_curvature" returned unnormalized values.
    ● "angle_between_vectors" returned NaN is some cases.
    ● "bias" was broken.
    ● "look_at_solver" Fixed up_vector behavior. 

#### Behavior change
    ● Generate_L_system: Chaos behaves differently compared to the previous version. If you have chaos applied in your L-system, the generated shape will be a bit different. 

Download link:


Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

Join the Bifrost Addicts community on Discord:
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Thanks i have to update!


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