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Maya2020|how to set the speed of bifrost liquid??

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Maya2020|how to set the speed of bifrost liquid??

how to set the speed of bifrost liquid??

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Bifrost Liquid is controlled by gravity (with a default of 9.8m/s^2 which is gravity on Earth) so you can adjust this or you can adjust the scale of the system. By default the scale is 1 meter (when the default Maya prefs treats each grid square as 1 cm, Bifrost sees that cm as a meter) so if you want it smaller (which in turn may give the appearance of it moving faster) you can change gravity to a higher value like 98 or 980 (if you want it at a cm).


It is discussed here:


You can also add to a selected Bifrost Liquid container a bifrostMotionField (with its direction and scale affects speed checkbox's checked) which may be a better option for you. The Motion Field can be found under the Add section of the Bifrost Fluids menu. From there you can increase the speed with the Motion Fields Magnitude attribute.


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