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Maya crashes whenever transforming a killplane in Bifrost

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Maya crashes whenever transforming a killplane in Bifrost

Hi, first time posting on the forum so I'm sorry if I do something incorrectly.

I'm running a Maya 2020 on Windows (student version, not sure if that's relevant).

Every time I add a killplane to my scene and try to transform it in some way (scale, move, rotate), Maya stalls for a few seconds, and then crashes without warning.

I first noticed this in my project files, but I then moved to a blank scene where I just used a single sphere as an emitter and created a killplane below it. When I didn't transform the killplane at all, there were no issues. The sim ran normally and the killplane functioned at it should. However, as soon as I rotated the killplane, Maya stalled and then crashed. Because of this, it would seem to me that the error isn't baked into my project files.

I've tried reloading the Bifrost plugin to no avail, as well as restarting Maya.

Any help would be appreciated!

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in reply to: Anonymous


Are you able to share your scene file so we can attempt to reproduce the issue and perhaps suggest a workaround? 



Michael Nielsen

Principal Engineer
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in reply to: Anonymous

trying on my side with the simple sphere emitter approach I was unable to crash. I'm on an iMac though. As Mike suggests.a scene file would be handy but perhaps a video capture of your interaction and workflow would be beneficial as well. NOTE: You may need to zip the scene file in order to successfully attach it.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi, thanks so much for the responses. I've attached a screen recording and scene file. The screen recording ends abruptly because Maya crashed and the recording stopped as soon as that happened. 

The scene file is just a sphere emitter because I was getting crashes on even that. If it would be helpful to have a more involved scene let me know. I just figured it may be easier to send a smaller file for the moment.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Great! Thanks for the video. That offers very specific repro steps. I will try exactly those steps to see if I can crash. Thanks!

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in reply to: Anonymous

k, it took a little while but I finally got it to crash while transforming the killplane. I have reason to believe this is due to Cache Playback being on (a performance animation feature and the reason your timeline grows a cyan line). As a stability measure available to you now, turn Cache Playback off while making modifications to the Bifrost FX system. 


I'll look in our catalogue to see what we have for Bifrost killplane crashes that may be related to the Cache Playback system.

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in reply to: Anonymous

So I did find an existing ticket in our backlog that catalogues the same crash but occurs when manipulating a motion field. The stack traces look the same though so I have added your information to that ticket. 


That tickets listed 'workaround' is to turn off cache playback.


No idea when we will be able to address this issue but it is known.


For your records you could look at future Maya/Bifrost release notes for 

BIFROST-4713 to track future fixes.


Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We appreciate it.

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in reply to: syracoj

I tested that workaround in both an empty scene with an emitter and my project file and it prevented the crash.

Now that you mention it, I do recall having problems with motion fields a while back so that's good to know as well.

Thanks for your help.

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