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mapping properties from object to source emitters

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mapping properties from object to source emitters

I have a read_bifrost_obj node from customized particles. Each points has a timestamp property (life)


I am using this geometry as emitter in a source_air.

Finally, I wante to be able to map the "life" property to the "temperature" property. 


I have been struggling a lot already trying to figure out how the  vary_source_property node works internally.

I tried so many combinations with a set_geo_property node and nothing seems to work to override the source_air

node parameters.

Is there any setup I should follow to map properties to emitting sources??




In a simpler example, I could override the temperature property by setting a set_property on the additional_properties socket. But this setup does not work for emitting from arrays of objects as far as I could manage to build a working graph.


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