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Manipulator Field Version 2 (**UPDATE** 2.01)

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Manipulator Field Version 2 (**UPDATE** 2.01)

Finally version 2 of the Manipulator Field is ready.




In version 2 the Manipulator Field brings some technical improvements.

  • the performance was improved
  • the direction of the "Around Axis" in the cube shape has been corrected
  • the effect of "Erode ID" has been significantly improved


In addition to the Manipulator Field, the Shelf now contains additional tools.

  • a "Sphere Field", a simple sphere manipulator with a scalar field
  • a "Box Field", also a whole simple scalar version of the field
  • a "Position Manipulator", creates a locator and connects the matrix to the bifrost graph - for convenience
  • a "Direction Manipulator", makes an arrow manipulator and connects the matrix to the bifrost graph - for convenience

IMPORTANT 1: the scripts for these functions can be found in a new MEL file.

IMPORTANT 2: if something seems not to work, or if you have trouble installing it - please let me know.


For the functions of the Manipulator Field I refer here to videos for version 1.




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Thanks Roland those Manipulators are really handy.

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in reply to: Roland.Reyer

Hello @Roland.Reyer 

With V2.1 version when I want to add a second manipulator : 


source addManipulatorField_2.mel;
addFieldManipulator_2( "", -1, 2);
// Warning: file: C:/Users/B/Documents/maya/2022/scripts/addManipulatorField_2.mel line 118: Unclear selection! Please select a Bifrost Board or one of its manipulators. //
// Warning: file: C:/Users/B/Documents/maya/2022/scripts/addManipulatorField_2.mel line 471: BifrostBoard doesn`t exist or has no Manipulator Field with that number //


I have selected in BG my Manipulator_Field compound before pressing the shelf button

Here is my shelf arrangement :




Does it speak to you ?


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in reply to: Roland.Reyer

Select the manipulator first then click on the button, so for example if you have `mf_0_volume` click on that first then the shelf tool with the green icon, and that will add another manipulator to be use with the same settings if you need a completely new one so they do not share the same setting then just click v2 button or simple ones.

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in reply to: Roland.Reyer

I get this error

source addManipulatorField_2.mel;
addManipulatorField_2( "");
// Warning: file: C:/Users/xxxx/Documents/maya/scripts/addManipulatorField_2.mel line 150: Please select ONE Bifrost Board, Bifrost Shape, or a connected object to create a Manipulator Field for //
// Warning: file: C:/Users/xxxx/Documents/maya/scripts/addManipulatorField_2.mel line 660: No such bifrostBoard exists >< //

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in reply to: Roland.Reyer

Literally, I responded to the same question that you are asking. Read my response.

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in reply to: sepu6

Yes i did it. There was something wrong in the scripts. I restart Maya, not work. I reinstall the plugins now is working.
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in reply to: Roland.Reyer

There is a little glitch in the Shelf of Manipulator Field V2.0 (at least in my Shelf):


The "Cleanup button isn't working because it calls the wrong function.

Instead of addFieldManipulator it should call mf_cleanup("");


You can change this yourself or load the new package from here.

I apologize for the inconvenience.




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Thanks for the update Roland!

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in reply to: Roland.Reyer

Thanks @Roland.Reyer  it was that.


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in reply to: Roland.Reyer

@Roland.Reyer Iv'e ispected my scene, before cleanup by hand. I've noticed that the error i get, was when the graph has some non utilized nodes. I usually try multiple variant of connection, non erroring node. When i canceled this node, the addFieldManipulator add the manipulator correctly.

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