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Managing compounds for different Bifrost versions.

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Managing compounds for different Bifrost versions.

How do i install compounds for different Bifrost versions.

For example the Rebel Pack.


We use Bifrost 2.0 on Maya 2019 and Bifrost 2.1 on Maya2020.

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Compound packs like the Rebel Pack often include a library configuration file (typically named bifrost_lib_config.json). This basically just specifies the paths (relative to the config file's location) from which to recursively load compounds and graphs. You can use the BIFROST_LIB_CONFIG_FILES environment variable to point to these files.


So, unzip the packs in separate directories (not under your default user compound folder). The environment variable must be set before the Bifrost plug-in loads — in other words, don's use putenv in Maya's Script Editor. I usually do this on the command line before launching Maya because I often need to run with different configurations, for example on Windows:


set BIFROST_LIB_CONFIG_FILES=%BIFROST_LIB_CONFIG_FILES%;path-to-folder/bifrost_lib_config.json


You can also set this in the maya.env file, or with a script or batch file that launches Maya.


Hope that helps,


Grahame Fuller
Learning Content Developer

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