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Managing Bifrost Sim Data

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Managing Bifrost Sim Data

I do have a lot of troubles with creating to much sim data.


A 200 Frame simulation of a little flame does create 100gb of VDB data on disk.

I ran out of disk space all the time during experimenting.


How do you manage all that data on a large FX shot like a burning house.

You would need hundreds of those little flames and some larger.

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Filter the other non-active attributes on the node that outputs the VDB cache, leaving only the temperature and density attributes and speed

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I did that already. This shrinked my files down from 3gb to 1gb per frame.

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Oh, I remember that the output VDB node of the "vdb for maya" plugin developed by Besha has a compression mode. It can reduce the file size. Perhaps BIfrost's current output VDB node does not yet support the VDB compression format.

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