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Malware warning

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Malware warning

Today I opened Maya and tried to load any Bifrost file and my simulations don't work. I get this error message:


file -f -options "v=0;" -ignoreVersion -typ "mayaBinary" -o "D:/MyRedneckNeighbor_VFX/vomit/scenes/vomitBlob7.mb";addRecentFile("D:/MyRedneckNeighbor_VFX/vomit/scenes/vomitBlob7.mb", "mayaBinary");
requires -nodeType "bifrostContainer" "bifrostshellnode" "";
requires "stereoCamera" "10.0";
requires -nodeType "bifrostFoamMaterial" -nodeType "bifrostShape" "bifrostvisplugin" "";
requires -nodeType "aiOptions" -nodeType "aiAOVDriver" -nodeType "aiAOVFilter" -nodeType "aiSkyDomeLight" -nodeType "aiAreaLight" -nodeType "aiStandardSurface" -nodeType "aiStandardVolume" "mtoa" "4.2.1";
requires "stereoCamera" "10.0";
// Warning: line 1259: The default image may not be modified. Use the -i/image flag instead. //
// File read in 0.81 seconds.
# Autodesk.MayaScanner : : Infected by Malware!
// Error: line 0: UnicodeDecodeError: file C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2022\Python37\lib\encodings\ line 23: 'charmap' codec can't decode byte 0x8f in position 129: character maps to <undefined> //


Could this malware warning be causing this?

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Try using the Maya Security Tools to clean the malware. You can get them here:


Does the problem persist after that?




Grahame Fuller
Learning Content Developer
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in reply to: Grahame_Fuller

Hi Gray,

Thanks for responding. I installed the plugin and when I opened my Bifrost file it notified me that it found a problem with the file and asked permission to fix it, which I did, but the same problem persists in that Bifrost simulation file and all my others. Also, any new file I try to create does not show or render simulation, as well as Bifrost examples, though some of those never worked for me. I also get the same message in the script editor:

# Autodesk.MayaScanner : : Infected by Malware!


But now I see I get that message for whatever file I load Bifrost or not.


It is possible I suppose the two are unrelated, but I can't think of what I have turned off so that Bifrost simulations won't display. All other files work fine, Bullet, Mash, etc.

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Do you need or use the

If not, I recommend to delete it, or even better reset your Maya Preferences in your user documents folder.
For a complete reset of ALL Preferences, rename the maya folder to maya_backup.

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in reply to: mspeer

Hi mspeer,


Thanks, that solved the problem. I should have thought of that, although it was years ago I had reset default prefs  for some other problem.

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