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Magnetic Field anyone Bifrost Graph?

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Magnetic Field anyone Bifrost Graph?


Does someone able to reproduce this magnetic Field in Bifrost Graph?

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in reply to: darioOrtisi

As with anything like this you have to think about it for a bit and then just realize that it doesn't have to be so complicated. As an artist I look for the most creative approach first.
There are many ways to do this and it depends how deep you want to go and what works best for your level. If it was me I would always start simple and work up from there. Maybe scatter some small spheres around a big sphere first. The small spheres will be emission. Create strands from the surface normals of the small spheres. Create a an mpm fiber network. Use the small spheres to constrain the strands (so they don't fly away) switch off gravity on the solver. I would then again use the small spheres as 'attract repulse' influences. Your strands will need to be sampled well for this to work. Your attract repulse should be set to attract but with very small numbers and maybe add a small turbulence influence too.You just want those strands to bend a little in an arc. Play around with the settings until you get a result that starts to look like the link you sent. I don't have the time right now to make an example but if I find the time tomorrow I will.

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in reply to: PhilRadford

Hi Phil.

I 've asked a lot a time ago into soup-dev forum And Peter helps me.

I will like to know if there was seomthing in the graph with field.


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