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Little Flame

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Little Flame

Did a first test with on of the example files.

Replaced the sphere with a flying torus and played with the parameters.

Took me about 15 min for the setup. 

I rendered it with Arnold without any conversion. Just hit

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Looks great. Where are these example files? I don't see a flame in the Content Browser.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Windows --> Bifrost Browser

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Nice job!  Glad to hear the browser gets you going quickly!



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Nice! will be cool to see better the smoke. with less black smoke, or different background.

Is an easy way to avoid this grid stepping at render time?

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I just posted a PDF document in my post "How to avoid artifacts when using Aero" that outlines tips and hints to avoid voxelization or linear artifacts.  Hugely useful I think for anyone doing Aero, and it would I think address exactly the patterns seen in this render.


It was written by Michael Nielsen who basically created Aero & Combustion (along with Robert Bridson!) 



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in reply to: pyroskat

As a supplement to Marcus' document I have posted a pdf here:

which specifically addresses the type of voxel-jaggies that can occur in combustion simulations and seen in the video in this thread.



Michael Nielsen

Principal Engineer

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