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Lightning, ocean, and find_path tools were updated. New powerful resize_strands tool!

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Lightning, ocean, and find_path tools were updated. New powerful resize_strands tool!

Hi, the lightning and ocean tools have bug fixes and they can run on version 2.6. Lightning Tool adds custom location generation. find_path also fixes a bug: when the array cannot be searched, it will freeze.

New resize_strands tool!
Not only can we reset the length and width of the strands, but we can also make the strands grow and do some interesting effects!


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Nice one!

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

The lightning tool is updated to support importing custom curves, such as maya curves, and then convert them to lightning.


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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

it is just great ! -maybe its only me but when I add another lightning node maya freezes 😕

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

Hi, thank you very much for sharing such a good tool, but after I load it here, the calling node directly reports an error
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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.


Maya 2022, Bifrost 2.3.1

What is the solution to the error mentioned above?

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

update BF 2.3.1 is a very old version 

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