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Killplane for BFG?

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Killplane for BFG?

I'm experimenting with using the BFG flame sample and attaching to an animated torch.  i want to render in Redshift, so I added a Write VDB node (and time node /etc.) .  As I play out the sequence to write out the VDB's I noticed the sim takes longer and longer per frame and the VDB file sizes grow very large , multi-GB in later frames.  I'm guessing its from the smoke rising upwards and adding to the overall volume size.  Is there a way (like old Bifrost liquid) to add a killplane or killvolume to keep the sim times reasonable and VDB file sizes down? 

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Use the simulation bounds input on the aero_solver_settings node, you can pipe in a mesh which determines the bounds of the sim. See screenshot and video.


MacBook Pro 13,3 - 2.7GHz - 16GB - Radeon Pro 460 - macOS Catalina 10.15
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thanks so much

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MacBook Pro 13,3 - 2.7GHz - 16GB - Radeon Pro 460 - macOS Catalina 10.15

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