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Issues with Importing VDBs from Other Tools into Bifrost

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Issues with Importing VDBs from Other Tools into Bifrost



I'm encountering a problem when importing VDB caches created in other programs (like Houdini or EmberGen) into Bifrost.

Upon import, only the density data is visible in the viewport, while other channels like temperature display zero values, showing no information. This issue persists even in the render view, where only density can be output. More troublingly, when I connect assign_material and modify channel information in volume_material (for instance, changing voxel_fog_density to density), Bifrost freezes and only outputs the cache of the same frame.


I attempted to rename the field names in Houdini to match Bifrost's default channel names, exporting the cache as voxel_fog_density and voxel_temperature, but this did not resolve the issue, as I still couldn't import temperature data.


Interestingly, when the same cache is loaded using Arnold's volume, it renders correctly, and I can access not just the density but other channels as well.


I will attach a VDB file created in Houdini for reference. It is a cache that can be correctly read in Houdini.

Additionally, I am using Maya 2024.1, Bifrost, and Arnold Core


I would greatly appreciate any insights or solutions to this issue.


Thank you.

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Bifrost works a little differently. But you can read all the fields from Houdini. In this case, I use the temperature and density. Since the flame isn't doing much, you can use it as well so up to you. 


I left some notes on the graph. Also, I would recommend updating to BF 2.7.1 




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in reply to: sepu6

Thank you so much for your response.
Your advice was incredibly helpful and now everything is working as expected

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