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Is there a way to keep a port as an array, but does not limit what data type it is?

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Is there a way to keep a port as an array, but does not limit what data type it is?

My compound requires an array as a parameter, but I don't want to limit the data type to int or float. Because in that case, I have to make two exactly the same compound (just the data type is different, the processing process is exactly the same).
If I keep the port type as auto, the port will become "non-array" and alarm. I don't want to confuse users. So what I can do at the moment is to mark "int or float array" on the port name.
I believe there must be a more correct way.
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You can place a build array directly after the port. It should for it to become an auto array.

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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that works. thank you!

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