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Is there a way to get blind-data of polygons and convert them n-array?

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Is there a way to get blind-data of polygons and convert them n-array?


 I'm trying to make some functionality, it needs to calculate <n-array * n-array> dot multiplication per vertex per frame.

 First n-array sets are static values and can be pre-computed. (Well, this is a kind of RBF.)

 So, I want to store them in somewhere, like bifrost node or as object attributes.

 If bifrost can access the blind-data of polygons, I guess that the values can be built as n-arrays.

 Is there a way to get blind-data of polygons?

 Or is there other way to input matrix data (vertex number * n-array) into bifrost graph?


 If there is any weird expression, please excuse my English.




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Hi volt. I am not sure I understand what you mean by 'blind data', however you can get point positions, face (polygon) offsets and face (polygon) vertices using get_geo_property. Take a look at the get_point_position compound to see how that works. All of these will be (flat) arrays. point_position will be array<float3>, face_vertices will be array<uint> with offsets into the point_position array and face_offsets will also be array<uint> with offsets into the face_vertices array. You don't need nested arrays (I assume this is what you mean by n-array) at all!


But if you really want to use nested arrays, you can too! Just use the value node and tick 'Array' and select the level of nesting you desire - 1D, 2D or 3D. 🙂

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