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Instance jittering issue, but raw sim does not

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Instance jittering issue, but raw sim does not

I am having an issue where my instanced geo on a cached sim are jittering location and I cannot figure out why. Its a fluid sim, cached (lossless), and then I am instancing simple geo (froze transform, centerpivot) , and in some areas it really jitters location compared to the cached raw sim vs imported back in to instance on. Update, it seems to come after the "normal and tangent to orientation" node, but I am unsure how to resolve the jittering while keeping the rotation data happening. See playblast comparison here, along with graph showing the setup. 


node graph screen cap


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Do you get jittering if you visualize the points directly with point_scope? I.e. without randomized orientation, scale and any instancing?

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I was able to find somewhat of a solution that rid of the jitter, the rotation is not 100% accurate but is convincing enough. 


I replaced the previous rotation with "rotation vector to quaternion". I am a bifrost newb, so unsure why it fixes it, but its better lol.

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