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Instance at locators

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Instance at locators

I was asked in another forum how to create Bifrost instances at Maya locators, with one instance per locator, so that an artist can place, scale, etc. locators and have an instances object. 


I'm re-posting the paraphrased question here so that I can post the solution here. 

Jonah Friedman
Bifrost Product Manager
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See attached scene file as well. 




  • I create a value node of type array<float44>
  • Expose the port to Maya, creating a Matrix array port in Maya. Here you can plug in as many transforms as you would like, for example all the locators. This can also be scripted. 
  • Decompose the transforms using matrix_to_srt, which converts the matrix to position, orientation (as quaternion), and scale. This is the form needed by instancing. 
  • Construct a point cloud using the translations, and set point_orientation and point_scale. 
  • Use set_instance_geometry to connect the instance shape we're using. 

Relevant docs - creating instances:

Jonah Friedman
Bifrost Product Manager

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