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Installation on dedicated server and CPU choice

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Installation on dedicated server and CPU choice

My last Bifrost sim needed 1h every frame, so that I was looking how to scale up fast hw resources at need.

Since seems difficult to find remote workstation or DaaS solutions with both a powerful CPU and also a good GPU, the best option seems to use a dedicated server in the cloud. My doubts are

- most common one are on Linux Server with no desktop environment. Looking at the documentation seems is possible to download and install Bifrost on Linux and using it from CLI, exporting the compound or graph from Maya and importing into the new installation. Asking if someone has already tested this path.

- also since my Maya installation it's on Windows wondering if this can be a problem in term of compatibility of the exported componets with the server installation.

- the better option I have found for my needs and budget it's a 32 core Epyc 7502P, with good multithread performance but not so good single thread one. Considering if might be better to go to a lower core count but better single thread (the ideal option available from the cloud provider will be Ryzen 5950X but will have very long provisioning times, so that the only realistic option will be a Ryzen 5800X). My sim is focused on MPM and rendering it's on Maya Render Hardware 2.0 (only interested into the dynamics so far).


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