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Importing alembic file from bifrost not working?

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Importing alembic file from bifrost not working?

I'm on maya 2020.2, bifrost 2.1, I've used 'write_alembic' to write a single .abc for a particle sim that I'm trying to import back in using maya's native alembic importer. Doing so creates an empty particle shape and prints this.


// Error: line 1: particleShape1: Object not found for -object flag. //
// Warning: Unsupported attr, skipping: point_dead bool_t[1] //


I'm able to import the file into other 3D software, so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong when writing the file.

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in reply to: InNeedOfHelp

And here's a single frame from that sim, I can import it into blender 2.83 but no luck getting it into maya using cache>alembic cache>import alembic...

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Hi, I can confirm this issue. We have logged it as BIFROST-4962. Hopefully, we can get around to fixing it soon. 🙂

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