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I recorded a Bifrost custom fan force field and a custom vortex force field tuto

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I recorded a Bifrost custom fan force field and a custom vortex force field tuto

Hi, everyone.
I have recorded two tutorials for Bifrost's custom force field. The custom vortex force field utilizes the KTtree attribute of the soup to search for the delivery node.

I hope to help others 🙂






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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

Bifrost is now eager to lack powerful search and data delivery nodes. I hope that their priority on the to-do list will be high. Because the nodes of this type play a very large role. They can produce many interesting results.

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This is crazy stuff!

Thanks for sharing.

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

This is incredible. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

amazing work. thanks for sharing.

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

@Bruce.Lee.I have looked only at the beginning of your video, wanting to ask if this method can be applied to extract and visualize real forces applied from particles to colliders on MPM sim.

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@Bruce.Lee., please let us know which kind of acceleration structures (I assume this is what you mean by search and delivery) that you would like to see! You know we always appreciate your feedback. 🙂

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Hi morten,

This is a topic a long time ago, and the methods shown in it are very old. The search function I'm talking about is now Bifrost's spatial point cloud search function. And, now we have a more advanced field system, it will be easier to make a custom force field.

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in reply to: davide445

@Bruce.Lee. @morten.bojsen-hansen there is any way to compute forces applied to colliders starting from Bifrost sim (MPM in my case)

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