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how to transfer bifrost sim to final file with correct scale.

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how to transfer bifrost sim to final file with correct scale.

Hello guys,


So I have this waterfall bifrost sim ready. Its first cached as .bif format. then using cache liquid and foam are meshed using meshing. Then the meshed geometry is exported as alembic. Now i have to move them to my final scene where i want to add the waterfall. It will mainly require scaling the waterfall to 10 to 30 times (as the final scene is set in actual cm scale and all object are in true world scale  in centimeters, this is to ensure correct lighting) and moving and rotating to move it to desired location.


i have few issues with this:


1. Scaling the liquid and foam cache as a group.

a.) when i take foam as mesh, it looses its particles like feel. So i tried created empty liquid and foam nodes and added the per calculated .bif cache.

b.) Then i hide the liquid and imported the alembic cache of liquid. (still suing the .bif foam cache in foam node)

c.) then i grouped and scaled the liquid mesh and foam.

d.) Now the issue is the foam seems to disappear some times. Can some one explain why its so.


2. Proper way of taking the cached sim to final file.

I can use mesh for foam too, but then it don't look very good. Particles, as small spheres give a better look to foam.

is there any other proper way of adding bifrost sim to other scenes, so bifrost foam retains its particle behavior?


3. I had some issues with rendering bifrost with vray but later found out simple step of adding vray attributes to sims and it works much better.


Any guidance will be of great help.


Thank you.waterfall.jpg


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Hello All,


I have seen multiple posts with same issue of "placing/moving bifrost cached Liquid/Aero sims to final location in scene file."


Alembic cache geometry can be moved, no issues, but Aero sim, which don't give a good output when converted to mesh, don't seems to move. I mean after moving, scaling and rotating, it updates in viewport, but while rendering, it renders out near the 0,0,0 orginal grid, where it was initially simulated and cached.


What is the use of making all simulation if we can't move it to the desired location for final composition?



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Guys anyone?

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in reply to: ManeeshPathik

Can you zip your scene file and upload it here.

Going off your description, I tried to recreate a similar setup. After placing the cached abc and foam cache under some locators I was able to translate, rotate, and scale the simulation assets without issue. I was also unable to to experience any disappearing act with the foam.



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