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How to simulate turbine engine blowing on ocean surface [BOSS / Bifrost]

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How to simulate turbine engine blowing on ocean surface [BOSS / Bifrost]

Bifrost/BOSS beginner here. I'm curious if anyone knows of a good way to simulate the surface of an ocean being displaced/disturbed by a strong jet of air exiting a turbine engine that is hovering above. So far I only understand interaction with collision geometry, so I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to simulate a controlled high-powered jet of air that causes the surface to react with ripples/splashes? 


I've attached screenshots of the model I'm animating. It has a main turbine on the back [which I want to generate a dramatic wake when the ship speeds off] and two rotatable arms with turbines at the ends;  I want to create a system where these affect the water surface based on their proximity to it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if there's any other info that I need to provide.

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