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How to get Vertex Color from mesh?

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How to get Vertex Color from mesh?

in Node Editor, the "polyColorPerVertex" node's behavior is very strange and not predictable.


So I want to see if Bifrost has a better way to get Vertex Color information.

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I see you followed the CPV tutorial here Did that answer your question?

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I cannot reproduce the results in the tutorial. that tutorial assumes that you already know ICE very well, or that you are a member of the development team.
I don't know how to filter out the color value from "data". cannot see any useful data from watchpoint. why he uses "color" as Property? where is that "color" come from??
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Take a look at the first videos here. Paul does go throu the basics here.

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my solution not perfect but works.

  1. get a random location on the mesh.
  2. sample the colorSet value of that location.
  3. organize data and output.



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