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How to export Bifrost scattering forest to render software package like Katana?

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How to export Bifrost scattering forest to render software package like Katana?

Hi I  have a plan to use Bifrost in our production,  I need some advise about Bifrost scattering export to another software  like Katana for render.

My company using Usd cache for main lighting and rendering pipeline.

I know that Bifrost did not support Usd cache yet.


But if I want to create forest trees  using bifrost scattering. How can i export and let it render in Katana?

Is anyway to export instance obj from Bifrost?

Katana support alembic, Usd cache.

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Until we have USD support in Bifrost, I think Alembic is the way to go. Since Bifrost 2.1, the Alembic IO nodes support reading and writing multiple meshes with a single file, keeping UV and painted attributes intact. Alembics can contain multiple meshes and multiple curves and multiple point clouds.

Ian Hooper
UX Architect

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