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How to create point coordinates placed on a completely closed circle

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How to create point coordinates placed on a completely closed circle

I have been playing with Bifrost for about 6 months and this time I wanted to output the coordinates of a circle as points and use create instances and strands basis to orientation to create an object where the instance object extends radially from the center of the circle.


I tried to find the coordinates of the circle, output the points, and connect the above nodes, but oddly enough, the first and last indexes are always pointing in the wrong direction.



As you can see, I couldn't think of an efficient way to convert coordinates on a circle to points, so I forced myself to do it.

If there is a better way than this, please let me know.

Also, why do only the first and last of the instantiated objects have a different orientation than the others?


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Hey @ta_matsuo9KEPL 

What you are running into there is to close a strand, it's end point much be also it's start point, thereby creating 2 points at the start.

Here's a reasonably simple workaround ... Note:  it's only going to work on circles

What I am doing is generating n points in circle, using that to generate orientations, then applying those to the instances - feel free to dive in and take a look.



Jason Brown
Software Developer, Bifrost
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I think this is a really great solution. It is perfect.
Thank you very much!

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No worries!!!!

Jason Brown
Software Developer, Bifrost

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